Vac Truck Fleet Specifications

We Run Two FX65 truck vacuum excavators. The units are exceptionally versatile with the power to perform a wide variety of tasks, especially larger jobs in difficult-to-access locations. With 1,215 cfm (34.4 m 3 /min) of suction power and a high-pressure water system with a 5.5 gpm (21-l/min), 3,000- psi (207-bar) water pump. The unit has capacity of a 4500 L collection tank. The FX65 has more than enough power and suction for soft excavation tasks such as potholing or large clean-up jobs.

We also run two FX30 vacuum excavators. The units are equipped with a lengthy list of standard features—including a curb side operator’s station that allows single-operator control—and more than enough water pressure and suction to perform a myriad of clean-up and soft excavation tasks. Including a 3500L collection tank.

All our hydro excavation and drilling equipment is manufactured by Ditchwitch, cutting edge and world class equipment.

Vac Truck Hire FAQ

The most common industrial vacuum trucks to safely excavate areas where cables or pipelines need to be installed or inspected.