Bench Directional Drilling and Civil is South Australia's leader in Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal Drilling

In our business there is a shortage of simple problems and even less simple answers. Directional drilling is an ...

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Bench Directional Drilling & Civil offers professional, efficient, and safe services to both commercial and ...

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gpr for service locating

Underground Service Locating

Our services are custom designed to suit your specific needs and are delivered on time to your budget!

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Mine Site & Remote Work

Our Drilling crews and equipment are mine site compliant.

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vacuum waste collection and disposal in Adelaide South Australia

Vacuum Waste Disposal and Collection

Our crew is committed to operating in a safe and professional manner we guarantee all health and safety ...

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Rock Drilling

Our all terrain rock drilling equipment can tackle the toughest conditions, from solid rock to cobble and hard ...

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Pit and Pipe Installation

Pit & Pipe for Residential, Commercial and Industrial in Adelaide SA Bench Directional Drilling & Civil provides a comprehensive professional pit ...

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